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Gear Plunge Shaving Machines (Model no YK 4232)

Gear Plunge Shaving Machines (Model no. YK 4232)

Specification Unit YKB3150/YKMB3150 YKB3180/YKMB3180
Max. Work piece dia.
(with/without work stay)
mm 500 550
Max. module mm 8/6 10/8
Max. worktable speed rpm 10/8 8/6
Spindle speed/ steps rpm 40-250/9 40-250/9
Distance from cutter axis to worktable surface mm 235-535 235-585
Center distance between hob and worktable mm 30-300 50-500
Distance between bearing end surface of worktable surface mm 380-630 600-800
Max. cutter-head swivel angle beg ±45 ±45
Max. hob axis travel mm 70 90
Max. hob dimension diameter ˣ length mm 140ˣ140 180ˣ180
Worktable dia. ˣ bore dia. mm 510 ˣ80 650ˣ80
Worktable T- slot no. ˣ size mm 6ˣM12 6ˣM16
Total power / main motor power K VA/kW ­­­­­­­­­­­­17/4 19/5.5
Case dimension Main machine Cm cm 264ˣ197ˣ216 293ˣ189ˣ273 319ˣ223ˣ235 322ˣ198ˣ282
(L ˣ W ˣ H) Electrical cabinet
Machine dimension (L ˣ W ˣ H) Cm 200ˣ163ˣ256 200ˣ163ˣ256
Weight: Net / gross Kg 4600/5600 6000/7000