Gear Hobbing

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YKS 318, YKS 3112

Gear Hobbing MODEL NO. YKS 318, YKS 3112 (CHONQING)

Description Unit YKS318 YKS3112
Max .work piece dia. mm 80 125
Max .module mm 3 4
Max. axial travel mm 350 350
Number of teeth 3-1000 3-1000
Max.hob dimension: diameter ˣ length mm 90ˣ200 90ˣ200
Spindle taper bore ISO30 ISO30
Worktable surface diameter mm 125 145
Max. hob head swivel angle deg. ±45 ±45
Center distance between hob and worktable mm 10-160 10-160
Distance between hob and axis and worktable surface mm 90-400 90-400
Distance between center end face and worktable surface mm 200-500
(ˣ300-600,  ˣ400-700)
(ˣ300-600,  ˣ400-700)
Max.hob tangential travel rpm 180 180
Max. spindle speed  rpm 1500 1500
Max. worktable speed mm/min 200 200
Redial rapid travel mm/min 5000 5000
Tangential rapid travel mm/min 3000 3000
Axial rapid travel mm 5000 5000
Linear coordinate resolution of CNC axis deg 0.001 0.001
Rotary coordinate resolution of CNC axis mm 0.001 0.001
Main motor power K w 9 9
Total power K v A 35 35
Main machinate weight kg 10500 10500
Case dimensions: (2ceses in total :ˣ)(L ˣ w ˣ H) cm 320ˣ224ˣ276
(the first case)
(the second case)
(the first case)
(the second case)


Gear Hobbing MODEL NO. YS 3118 CNC 5 (CHONQING)

Description Unit YS3118CNCS
Max. work piece dia. mm 180
Max. module mm 4
Max. axis travel mm 258
Number of teeth   4-1000
Max. Nob dimension: diameter ˣ length mm 110ˣ160
Spindle taper bore   ISO40
Worktable surface diameter mm 190
Max. hob head swivel angle Deg ±45
Center distance between hob and worktable mm 25-195
Distance between hob axis and worktable surface  mm 200-485
distance between center end face and worktable surface mm 350-740
Max. hob tangential travel (Y axis) mm 120
Max. spindle speed (B axis) rpm 1000
Max. worktable speed  (C axis) rpm 200
Radial rapid travel (X axis)  mm/min 1500
Tan gentile rapid travel (Y axis) mm/min 300
Axial rapid travel (z axis) mm/min 1500
Linear coordinate Resolution(CNC) mm 0.001
Rotary coordinate Resolution(CNC) Deg. 0.001
Main motor power kW 7.5
Total power K V A 25/50HZ
main machine weight (net/gross) kg 8600/9000
Main machine case dimension: L ˣ W ˣ H cm 305ˣ240ˣ320
Oil chiller case dimension: L ˣ W ˣ H  cm 245ˣ180ˣ160


Gear Hobbing MODEL NO. YKX 3132, YKX 3120 (CHONQING)

Description Unit YKX3132/YKX3132M YKX3120/YKX3120M
Max. work piece dia. mm 320 200
Max. module mm 8 6
Max. no. of teeth machined   6 6
Min. unit for programming mm 0.001 0.001
Max. worktable speed rpm 32 32
Cutter speed rpm 120-540 120-540
Axial feed speed mm/rev 0.5-4 0.5-4
Radial feed speed mm/rev 1-4 1-4
Center distance between hob and worktable mm 60-250 40 -230
Distance from hob axis to worktable surface mm 280-530 280-530
Distance from tailstock  end face to worktable surface mm 375-675 375-675
Cutter axis travel mm 150 150
Max. hob head swiveling angel beg ±45 ±45
Max. hob diameter ? length mm 160?200 160?200
Worktable dimension: diameter ? bore diameter mm 320?100 320?100
Motor capacity/ main motor power K VA /kW 27/11 26/11
Machine dimension: ( L ? W ? H) cm 333?272?313 333?272?313
Case dimension: ( L ? W ? H)main machine\   325?230?313 325?230?313
Hydraulic chip conveyor/ cm 235?220?162 235?220?162
Electrical cabinet   167?106?257 167?106?257
Weight: net/gross kg 9000/10000 9000/10000


Gear Hobbing MODEL NO. YKB 3150, YKB 3180 (CHONQING)

Specification Unit YKB3150/YKMB3150 YKB3180/YKMB3180
Max. Work piece dia.
(with/without work stay)
mm 500 550
Max. module mm 8/6 10/8
Max. worktable speed rpm 10/8 8/6
Spindle speed/ steps rpm 40-250/9 40-250/9
Distance from cutter axis to worktable surface mm 235-535 235-585
Center distance between hob and worktable mm 30-300 50-500
Distance between bearing end surface of worktable surface mm 380-630 600-800
Max. cutter-head swivel angle beg ±45 ±45
Max. hob axis travel mm 70 90
Max. hob dimension diameter ˣ length  mm 140ˣ140 180ˣ180
Worktable dia. ˣ bore dia. mm 510 ˣ80 650ˣ80
Worktable T- slot no. ˣ size mm 6ˣM12 6ˣM16
Total power / main motor power K VA/kW ­­­­­­­­­­­­17/4 19/5.5
Case dimension Main machine Cm cm 264ˣ197ˣ216 293ˣ189ˣ273 319ˣ223ˣ235 322ˣ198ˣ282
(L ˣ W ˣ H) Electrical cabinet
Machine dimension (L ˣ W ˣ H)   Cm 200ˣ163ˣ256 200ˣ163ˣ256
Weight: Net / gross   Kg 4600/5600 6000/7000

Gear Hobbing MODEL NO. Y 3132 CNC 6 (CHONQING)

Description Unit Y2130CNC6
Max. work piece dia. mm 3200
Max. module mm 32
Spindle speed (B axis) r/min 20-220
Max. worktable speed (c axis) r/min 4
Max. hob mounting size (dia. ˣ length) mm ɸ460×600
Hob spindle taper bore   1:10, HSK-160
Center  distance between the hob and the worktable mm 280-2000
Distance between the hob axis and the worktable surface (in the horizontal direction of the hob head) mm 765-7265
Max. swiveling angle of the hob head Degree ±45
Rapid tangential ) mm/min 3000
Max. shifting hob travel mm 600
Working ˣ bore dia. mm 2550ˣ 740
Worktable bearing capacity  t 40
Rapid radial motion (X axis) mm/min 3000
Rapid axial motion (Z axis) mm/min 3000
Resolution of CNC linear coordinate mm 0.001
Resolution of CNC rotary coordinate  Beg 0.001
Motor total power /spindle motor power KW 120/46
Net weight t 80
Overall dimensions Mm 9000ˣ6000ˣ6500